Inventory and Warehouse

Sigma Inventory and Warehouse

The Inventory Management Software module of Sigmatix provides the user with the advanced functionality of managing the inventory. It makes the inventory and account management flexible and tension free. This software is reliable and more efficient.

Our software provides you the ease of getting details about the product. It allows keeping a list of all your inventory items. It records details about them, including the seller of the product, product name, its short name, life cycle, item codes, total stock, warehouse and bin locations, barcodes, category and sub-category, multiple pricing (such as retail, wholesale, specials, etc) and many other options are available.

• Multi Store Enabled Stock Management.
• Store Wise Physical Inventory.
• Warehouse Management.
• Invoice Management.
• Pre-Built Invoice Templates.
• Reporting.
• Barcode Enabled.
• RFID Enabled.
• Printing Options.
• Database Backup.
• Automatic Item Numbering.
• Multiple Payment Methods.
• Filter View

• Supplier List.
• Customer List.
• Purchase Request.
• Purchase Order.
• Goods Receiving.
• Purchase Return.
• Store Request.
• Store Issue.
• Store Return.
• Transfer Goods Sub Stores.
• Payments to Supplier/Pending.
• Supplier Ranking /Blocking.
• Customer Outstanding

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