Healthcare Management

Sigma Healthcare Management

Sigmatix provides the best and easiest way to provide patient's service from the registration of patient information in the Master Patient Index (MPI), to the Registration, Admission, Discharge, Transfer, bed tracking and discharge, the system manages the necessary administrative procedures for both inpatient and outpatient visits, including allocating doctors, applying policies, managing waiting lists, and assigning beds.

The system is fully integrated with Clinic and Ward systems and includes a comprehensive report production tool that helps deliver accurate occupancy statistics and quality information regarding admissions, transfers, and discharges. It provides a flexible and configurable platform to support nursing related activities within the hospital including patient observations, notifications and subscriptions, work lists, medication administration, documentation, ordering, and bed management .

Service Billing

=> Patient Registration & Billing.
=> Service Items & Sub Items.
=> Service & Consultation Tariff.
=> Patient Admission.
=> Appointment.
=> Credit/Visa Card Payment.


=> Consultation.
=> Medical Records.
=> Physician.
=> Service Schedule (Radiology, MRI, CT Scan).
=> Operation Theater.
=> Cardiology.
=> Radiology.
=> Patient Observations.
=> Clinical Study.
=> PACS.


=> Corporate/Company Details.
=> Insurance.
=> Document Center.
=> Nursing Station.
=> Bed Management.
=> Ward Management.
=> Ambulance.
=> Doctor Commission.
=> Dash Board.
=> Compaign.
=> Help Desk.

Pharmacy Billing

=> Billing.
=> Stock Management.
=> Stock View.
=> Cancel Billing.


=> Lab Sample Collection. => Lab Report.
=> Lab Equipment Integration.
=> Scan.

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Service Billing

Pharmacy Billing

Patient Registration

Doctor Consultation


Patient Admission

Lab Sample Collection

Lab Result Entry

Lab Report

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